Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This month of April...

My April is going OK so far, but it is not one of the better months I have had. I have been having pain in my gums for a while now and started waking up feeling like I was sucker-punched in the mouth. I finally dragged myself to the dentist, I haven't been for a while because it seems every time I went they would try to convince me to remove my wisdom teeth and at that point they were not bothering me at all. I have heard so many stories from people about how much it hurts both during and after so I was scared to death to have them done because I do not like to be in pain. I have a few cavities that need to be filled and of coarse my wisdom teeth need to come out. But this time I am letting them go but I have to be put under in order for me to be more comfortable in having it done. My appointment is at the end of June.

Lilly turned 1 on Sunday, April 19.

My parents have started looking into getting us plain tickets already! I am getting really really excited to go. I think Chuck is looking forward to going as well. It'll give us an excuse and a reason to get away from here! A bunch of my family from like Kansas are coming up to Colorado while I am there and my dad is planning a BBQ the day after I arrive. I guess I am a good reason to have a family reunion, lol! I did have a weird dream the other night, I dreamt that we were in Colorado going somewhere and my dad was driving. As we were going over a hill I said to Chuck that this was Colorado Springs... I wonder if this was some sort of premonition?! I have always liked Colorado Springs, my dad's biological mom lived there before she passed away several years ago. We used to go up there a lot, I remember you can see Pike's Peak from her window.

Earlier this month I canceled my My Space account. I am on Facebook all of the time and most of the friends I had on My Space are on my Facebook friends list as well, so I did not see the reason to keep the account. I do miss being able to keep in touch with the friends I had that are not on Facebook yet. Hopefully they join soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A weekend celebration

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a "birthday party". We celebrated two birthdays yesterday, mine and my sister-in-law's. Her birthday was a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to make our party on a weekend that they had the kids and we had recently been paid. We had a lot of funI chose a game Saturday that I figured everyone could play together. It was called Beat the Parents. It was kids versus the adults, which was perfect! We all played it and had a great time. Chuck had gotten a couple of small carrot cakes while I was in church on Sunday morning, they were really good and I still have almost a full cake left so it is a good thing they were really good.

Saturday we had Lilly groomed. She looks so much cuter now! She looks a lot smaller and happier than she looked before, and she smells really good now that I do not mind sleeping with her at all now! We not only had Lilly trimmed up but we had Gracie's nails clipped as well. So they both looked so pretty for Sunday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hurray, it is warmer

Boy I haven't been on here in a while! It did finally starting to warm up though so now I can spend more time on the computer. Been in the upper 50s with only some patches of snow left on the ground. Yay, it is about time but unfortunately it is to drop back down to the 30s by the end of the week. *Sigh*Is Spring ever going to get here?

Everyone is doing good around here. I finally got my wheelchair back from the repair shop a couple of weeks ago. It is about time I get it back, after all they have had it in the repair shop since early November! I was starting to get very tired of the loner chair I was using in the meantime. It just do not fit right and I was missing being able to tilt back.

We were having trouble this winter keeping the dogs inside of the fence. The snow was getting high enough to cover the chicken wire that we had run across the bottom so the small dogs couldn't get out, so the dogs would walk through the big square holes like nothing was there. That would make us nervous because the roads were icy and we were in no hurry to have to bury another dog so soon after Bebe. We are still having trouble keeping our dogs in, and are going to have to invest more money into more chicken wire for the fence. I want to be able to go sit on my porch and enjoy the warmer weather without having to worry about the dogs so much. My cat does nothing but sleep all day, but once Chuck comes home he wakes right up and starts purring and eating. Which is weird because Chuck yells at him all of the time!

My parents are now living in Colorado and I haven't ever seen their house since they moved several years ago but in pictures. As a matter of fact, I have not even been to Colorado in over a decade! My parents have always been the ones to come down (more like come up) to see me and they have been trying to convince us to come out. Here recently they told me that they would pay for our trip there this year and take it out of the money that they would have used to come see me anyways. Chuck said he would fly since they are paying for it. That surprised me because he is so afraid to fly! But I am so happy because this means that we will get there so much faster now, instead of spending three days in a car... which really screws up my sugar and my back. So we are planning a trip over there on September 5 and staying until the 12th. I really can't wait to go!

A few weeks ago Chuck broke a couple of ribs and fractured a couple of other ones. How you may ask? He fell off the roof... being a stupid, careless, thoughtless man! His back had been bothering him for a couple of days but once it started feeling better, he decided to clean out the chimney. The snow was going through a melting patch and therefore our porch was really icy. His ladder slid out from under him, and he fell off the roof taking the gutter with him and he hit the side of the lawnchair and fell face first into the snow. He was in a lot of pain whenever he would use the left side of his body. I told him that he probably broke some ribs, but of course he refused to believe me. Finally two days later, he went to the hospital and was told that he had broke some ribs! He is doing lots better now, but is still taking it easy... he walks like an 80-year-old man and gets up and down off of the couch like a 9-month pregnant woman! Makes me chuckle every time I see this, lol!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Please check this out

Yesterday I was watching TV after church while my husband went to his dad's to pick up my nephew, he was needing help to stack wood and asked Brenden to help. On TV they were talking about President Lincoln turning 200 and President Obama and how and why they may be similar, and length and then all of a sudden a new show came on called Keeping Kids Healthy. What really surprised me was the topic, it was about Freidreich's Ataxia! No one has ever done anything before on the topic of FA... that is my muscular disorder.

The website has the video (show) but I could not figure out how to save it to my computer, but I do have the website address;

">click here

Please check it out and watch the video -- the video is approximately 20 minutes long.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

First an apology and then a hilarious joke

I have not written a post on here in a while. I am feeling just fine, but the weather has just been so cold here lately that I have not felt much like getting on my computer. My computer is by a couple of big windows that are old and they leak air. It is fine in the summer but the winter is another story, especially this one!

The Miracle of Toilet Paper
Fresh from my shower, I stand in front of the mirror, complaining to my husband that my breasts are too small. Instead of characteristically telling me it's not so, he uncharacteristically comes up with a suggestion.
"If you want your breast to grow, then every day take a piece of toilet paper and rub it between your breasts for a few seconds."
Willing to try anything, I fetch a piece of toilet paper and I stand in front of the mirror, rubbing it between my breasts.
"How long will this take?" I ask.
"They will grow larger over a period of years," he replies.
I stop and ask, "Do you really think rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts every day will make my breasts larger over the years?"
Without missing a beat he says, "Worked for your butt, didn't it?"
He is still alive, and with a great deal of physical therapy, he may even walk again. Stupid, stupid man.

Friday, December 19, 2008

New wood stove

The price of corn has really sky rocketed this year and that is how we have been heating our home. We do have propane, but the price of that has gone up also so we use a little tank for our stove. We did not know how we were going to heat without going totally broke. Ken had put in a nice wood burner outside of his home a couple of years ago, inside he had a cute little wood stove that was in there originally. He took out the wood stove in October since it took up most of his living room and gave it to us. We put it up just in time because the snow has really been coming down since Halloween... and it doesn't seem to have an end!

I had asked Chuck to put up our Christmas tree this year because we did not have it up last year. He said that he threw it away and he can't find our decorations. The next day I went to church and was telling Ken how we could not put up our tree again this year. A lady at my church was looking for someone to take her extra Christmas decorations, which includes a tree! Brenden was out of school the other day... a snow day. So he came over and decorated the tree. It looks really good for now, I can't seem to get Lilly to stop taking off and chewing up the tree decor!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My two beautiful dogs

Here are a couple of pictures of the dogs taken sometime last week. I wanted to scan that picture that Maggie took of our dogs in June, but the printer will not turn on... I think it needs a new power cord.

My Heroes

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